What is the objective of Federated Mart?

Federated Mart aims to be the number one online supplier of bullion (precious metals such as Gold and Silver) in the country at the BEST POSSIBLE RATES. In order to achieve this:

  • We try to stock as much variety of Gold and Silver coins and Bars as possible to suit every budget and requirement.
  • All our products are guaranteed to be of the indicated purity and come with accompanying manufacturer certification or BIS Hallmark certificate.
  • Because we sell only genuine products, we offer lifetime buyback on all our products subject to our Buyback Policy
  • We offer a 7-day No Cost Replacement Guarantee on all our products which means you will never receive a defective or substandard item.
  • We offer a 7-day no questions asked Refund Policy (at Market Rates) on all our products.
  • We offer a 7-day no questions asked Exchange/Replacement for all our products for the full invoice value (except shipping or COD charges, if any) for all our products.
  • We have partnered with industry leading logistics providers specializing in precious metals delivery to securely deliver all your products.
  • We ensure complete transit insurance and safety of your order till your doorstep.
  • Mostly our shipping is free. We do charge a nominal Rs. 50 for shipments having value below Rs. 1000. and a nominal Rs. 30 for COD shipments with value below Rs. 2500.
Why should you buy Gold and Silver?

Today we live in a Fiat Money System where the currency is not backed by anything. There is no restriction on the amount of money that can be created by the Government and Central Banks. Eventually, over time, this leads to inflation of the money supply which results in declining purchasing power of the currency (which results in steadily rising prices of everything). There is no better long term hedge to protect against currency depreciation than precious metals like Gold and Silver because unlike Fiat or Paper money, they have a limited supply due to laws of nature and cannot be created out of thin air.

What kind of products do you sell and what are their prices?

We sell all types of Gold and Silver Coins and Bars with purities: 24 Karats (9999, 999, 995), 22 Karats (916), 18 Karats (750).

Are there risks buying/investing in Precious Metals like Gold and Silver?

All investments involve risk - coins and bullion are no exception. The value of a bullion coins and bars is affected by many economic factors, including the futures market prices of Gold and Silver, the perceived scarcity of the metals and many other factors. Some of these factors include the quality, current demand and general market sentiment. Therefore, because both bullion and coins can go down as well as up in value, investing in them may not be suitable for everyone. Since all investments, including bullion and coins, can decline in value, you should understand them well, and have adequate cash reserves and disposable income before considering a bullion or coin investment.

What are the taxes applicable on Precious Metal purchases like Gold and Silver?

The Government of India levies a 3% GST tax on all Gold and Silver bullion items such as bars and coins. Besides that there are no other taxes applicable to your order. Also please keep in mind the Government levies a 10% customs duty on Gold and Silver imported to India, which is why domestic Gold and Silver market price is about 10% higher than international prices. This import duty is included in all Market Rates quoted to you by us and other suppliers and also benchmarks like MCX Gold and Silver prices.