About Us
The Idea
Federated Mart (www.federatedmart.com) is an online bullion website founded by Ivy League educated professionals from the corporate world who realized the significant market requirement & opportunity of providing an efficient online platform for buying Gold and Silver products in a precious metals hungry country like India. Our objective is to be the number one trusted online supplier of bullion products (precious metals Gold and Silver) in the country. We aim to achieve this by:
  • Selling only certified bullion products of guaranteed purity, as indicated on all our products.
  • Real time market pricing for all products on our website.
  • Provide industry leading customer service policies in the precious metals market space by offering terms such 7-Day No Cost Replacement to guarantee defect free products and Lifetme Buyback on all our products. We are able to offer many customer friendly terms because we know & believe in the product we are selling
  • Unlike other major "marketplaces" these days who are not equipped to deal in precious metals, we specialize in the precious metals market space and have our own hedging strategy.
We only sell through our online platform and do not own or operate any physical stores. Also we believe in selling only physical Gold & Silver products because we believe in the mantra: "If you don't hold it, you don't own it!"
Company Information
Company Name: Federated Mart Systems Pvt. Ltd.
CIN: U72200HR2015PTC054656
Contact Information: Contact Us